Friday, May 31, 2013

Apani B Fly MC----Number 1

Apani B Fly MC----Number 1
Yes Yes! We got the popping joint from Apani BFLY MC "Number 1" produced by DJ Spinna. This is a  hot joint, definitely feeling this. Peep It!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

AZ----We Movin (Video)

AZ----We Movin (Video)
It's official. We got that heat on the blog. This is Brooklyn's finest AZ first official video "We Movin" off the Do or Die 2 album. Produced by Statik Selektah. This is a fire track, peep it.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maino and the Mafia----My Dogs

Maino and the Mafia----My Dogs
We got some new treats from Brooklyn's finest Maino and his group The Mafia. This is "My Dogs" produced by GQ Beats. More music from Maino and the Mafia coming soon, peep it

Joey Bada$$----Word is Bond

Joey Bada$$----Word is Bond
As the season changes, so are the rappers. We got that new joint from Joey Bada$$ on the blog. This is "Word Is Bond" produced by Statik Selektah off the forthcoming full length album "Summer Knights".


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Roc Marciano-----Ruff Town

Roc Marciano featuring Cormega-----Ruff Town
This is a straight banger from Roc Marciano featuring Cormega "Ruff Town" Love the jazzy beat behind this, it's a sure shot. Listening to the musical ears, you gotta peep this!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Locksmith - Fleming Street

Locksmith - "Fleming Street" (prod. Mike TopNoch & Locksmith)
We got some new treats from Locksmith. Another banger from the "Green Box" mixtape called "Fleming Street" produced by Mike TopNoch and Locksmith. It's some sure heat from this brother, you gotta give this a listen. 

Que Hampton---Scumbagz

Que Hampton featuring Bishop Nehru---Scumbagz
Que Hampton is making noise with his new joint featuring Rockland's sharpshooter Bishop Nehru "Scumbagz" produced by Ninja B. He got some treats coming from his forthcoming album "The Chosen One" gotta check that smash. It's a winner all day on this one!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Styles P, Chris Rivers(Pun's Son), Vinnie Paz-----War Room

Styles P, Chris Rivers(Pun's Son), Vinnie Paz-----War Room
We got some serious music on the blog. This is Styles P, Chris Rivers( Pun's Son) and Vinnie Paz called "War Room" produced by Brolic Beats. Give it a listen!

Locksmith----Stand It

Locksmith featuring Anesha----Stand it
We got some West Coast treats from the Cali emcee Locksmith. This is his joint called "Stand It" featuring the soulstress Anesha from the mixtape "Green Box" produced by 9th Wonder. This is some straight banger music from the Cali emcee, give it a listen.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

DJ Kay Slay-----The Sound of NYC

DJ Kay Slay featuring Styles P, Sheek Louch and Vado-----The Sound of NYC
DJ Kay Slay is back with a tough track featuring Styles P, Sheek Louch and Vado "The Sound of NYC" from his mixtape "The Last Champion". Joint is fire, gotta check this gem out!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

King T----My Angel

King T featuring Stacee Adams and Raphael Saadiq ----My Angel
King T has a smooth laid back track from the 2012 "Still Triflin" mixtape. This is the track "My Angel" featuring Stacee Adams and Raphael Saadiq produced by Alonzo Jackson. Straight west coast rider music. Give this a listen!

AZ-----We Movin

AZ-----We Movin
Ya peeps know the deal! We got new music from AZ, the single is "We Movin'" produced by Statik Selektah from the new Do or Die part 2 album. We got some treats fo sho. Give it a listen.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Interview with O'mega Red

Interview with O’mega Red

Boston born rapper O’mega Red has held his own in the state of Massachusetts. O’mgea Red has the titles emcee/producer, an executive of Stay Grindin and an occasional actor under his resume. O’mega Red has charisma and it shows on his music and his live performances. From winning numerous awards including putting out musical hits, he played a small role in Martin Scorsese’s film “Shutter Island” featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and in the independent film “Roid Rage”. O’mega Red discusses with intrigued on his career, his love for Boston and his future musical plans.

1)            Okay the name O’mega Red. Did you get that name from the character in the X-men comics?
O’mega Red: No, I got that from when I was in the “University.” All the OG’s used to call me “Big Red” because of my size and my red hair they started calling me O’Mega Red because I used to lift a lot of weights and I got really big. Then I looked Omega up in the dictionary and it was the last letter Greek letter in the alphabet and it also meant “Something big was coming. It just had a ring to it and it stuck with me.

2)            Tell us how you got started in the game!
O’mega Red: I hooked up with the biggest DJ in New England- DJ Ray Barboza and then from there my music started to spread all over New England. Then DJ Master Millions connected me with a good friend of his, Dre Sinatra to collaborate with Ray J and other producers and artists on the East and West coasts. The rest is history.  I grew up playing saxophone. So I am a true musician and it evolved getting into Hip-Hop.

3)            Has your exposure to jazz music as a younging with your father influenced your affinity for hip hop music?
O’mega Red: I grew up playing saxophone. So I am a true musician and as Jazz influenced Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop provided me a better outlet to express myself with words.

4)            You from Massachusetts where a lot of talented emcees and producers represent. How come Massachusetts is not too much recognized in hip hop like New York City, California or Atlanta?
O’mega Red: I don’t believe that is true. Boston people are a major force in the music industry but in many cases we have to leave in order to be successful and we are well respected amongst most of our peers.

5)            You won numerous awards from the New England Urban Music Awards to the Boston Music Awards. You also were nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards consecutive years from 2010-2012 including winning in 2011. What was your reaction towards nominating for these awards?
O’mega Red: I was honored to be recognized because I’ve put a lot of hard work into my craft.

6)            What makes you motivated to continue doing music?
O’mega Red: My passion and my love for music. Plus, I become humbled helping others.

7)            What are the advantages of becoming an emcee/producer?
O’mega Red: Knowing good music to rap-to.

8)            Talk to us about Stay Grindin’ music
O’mega Red: Stay Grindin’ Music is not just a label; it’s a way of life. From Main Street to Wall Street, it represents everyone and anyone who puts hard work into their passion. They can be successful and that’s what my music represents.

9)            How does the production sound of your team Stay Grindin’ brings out your style?
O’mega Red: It’s collaborative. Everyone on my team shares my vision.

10)         Has working with Stay Grindin’ brings out the best in your work ethic?
O’mega Red: I am Stay Grindin. I built it from the ground up. My goal is to connect like-minded people to my brand and make positive moves happen.

11)         What was your first reaction when you picked up well established publications like the Boston Herald and the Source and saw your profile?
O’mega Red: It was an honor to be recognized by such established publications; and that hard work pays-off.

12)         Spitting bars on tracks is important but how important is touring and getting interviewed by blogs, various websites and major publications?
O’mega Red: Touring and social Media connects me to my fan-base. Without them I am just a musician without listeners.

13)         Describe a typical O’mega Red live performance!
O’mega Red: Explosive. Dynamic. Engaging. Intimate.

14)         You also did a song with your aunt Donna Summer on the track Angel. How was it working with Donna Summer?
O’mega Red: I can’t even describe the feeling because she was such an icon. Not too many people will ever have the opportunity to do that so I am blessed.

15)         Some people would feel intimidated working with an icon like Donna Summer. Were you a little intimidated working with an icon like a Donna Summer’s caliber?
O’mega Red:’s in my blood

16)         You also got into acting. What made you decide to also take up acting?
O’mega Red: I was interested in trying it out. I still have a lot to learn.

17)         What makes a successful talented artist in any genre?
O’mega Red: Being a student of music and always evolving.

18)         Any artist you have in mind that you like to work with in the future?
O’mega Red: Not really. But Artist who I can have synergy with.

19)         How is the new album Red October coming along?
O’mega Red: It’s been a long time in-the-making and I am very excited to see the progress on the project.

20)         What can fans expect from the Red October album?
O’mega Red: It’s going to be very vivid like a score in the movies. I wanted my album to be cinematic-very diverse.

21)         What’s next for O’mega Red in 2013?
O’mega Red: Sky’s the limit baby.

22)         Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years of this fickle ever changing hip hop music?
O’mega Red: Doing a lot of power moves behind the scenes (i.e., publishing, branding, developing other artists)

23)         Before finishing this interview, any shoutouts!
O’mega Red: Shout-out to the whole Stay Grindin’ camp, Oliver Grey, LeyOne Tracks, Uncle Tay, Mattie Finch, Vanesa Simmarano, Beat Clock and Tonya Payton

24)         Definitely a pleasure interviewing you, tell peeps how they can get at for music or any collaborations?
O’mega Red: and you can contact me on all social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @OMEGAREDSUPAFAN:

French Montana----Excuse My French

French Montana-Excuse My French-Coke Boys/Bad Boy-(2013)
Artist: French Montana
Album: Excuse My French
Label: Coke Boys/Bad Boy
Producers: Jahlil Beats, Young Chop, The Beat Bully, Cardiak, Rico Love, others

Emcees build momentum in their music through the streets from promotions and mixtapes. Just ask Meek Mill who had the Philly streets buzzing and eventually went through mainstream especially the signing to Maybach Music. Hip hop nowadays are saturated with southern artists, fans forget it originated in the Boogie Down Bronx. This is where the Bronx introduces the world to a new breed of emcees telling the world that New York is not dead with hip hop music. That introduction brings the Moroccan born/Bronx bred artist French Montana who has took the streets with mixtape after mixtape. With the impressive Mac and Cheese series, it’s time for him to unleash the first studio album. Usually, studio albums do not maintain the strong hype as their mixtapes. Can French’s new opus “Excuse My French” hold its weight like his mixtape series?
             French has awesome delivery and rhyme flow that makes him stand out. It starts off pretty strong especially production wise. Tracks like “Once in a While” and “Trap House” are examples of music chemistry working in his favor. An improved Max B comes off swinging tag teaming with French on this street banger that adds flair and suspense; a strong observant narrative reminiscing of Snoop’s classic track Murder was the Case. Rick Ross and Birdman are not the most lyrical bosses/rappers but their assistance fits on “Trap House”. French made it clear about the rap game that the hardest thing to do is sign yourself.
            One thing French Montana also knows to do is music structure and it shows on the track “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”. He shuts down the critics with his first solo track which he demonstrates compatibility with the production handled by Rico Love, Earl and E. The kicks and snares will have any emcee hop on this track; it’s a sure freestyle beat. However, there are a few gaping dwindling holes that throw the consistency off a tad. The Young Chop futuristic production on “Paranoid” sounds off balance with the annoying auto-tune sound. The remake of Lil Vicious and Doug E. Fresh “Freaks” is a club banger in the tag team rendition of the track featuring Nicki Minaj that barely fits as a party track but realistically falls flat. “Pop That” bring the intensity of the project. Both party records showed diversity on the album but “Pop That” actually have party goers jumping and “Gifted” featuring the Weeknd, just doesn’t do that much justice; an okay album filler. A mismatch in heaven occurred on “Fuck What Happens Tonight” with an unbearable piano sample provided by the Beat Bully and the only verse worth listening to was Scarface and “We Go Where Ever We Want” featuring Raekwon and Ne-Yo is a rendition of the Wu’s classic “Ice Cream” suited well lyrically but can’t match up to the classic.
            Overall, this album is interesting making the listener curious. This album would have been a gem if he had more Harry Fraud beats and guest appearances from his Coke Boy affiliates. Production wise, this album can be inconsistent at times; some worth listening to while a few heavily sampled beats that are a little irritable. The guest appearances are shaky depending on the track and mostly the French solo joints are the best tracks. One thing with French is he has elevated into writing songs which you don’t have to spit a sixteen about redundancy. The bonus tracks on the selected edition give the extra ummph to the album especially the posse cut “Ocho Cinco” featuring Machine Gun Kelly, Diddy, Red CafĂ© and Los. Does this album pass the hype test? It’s 50/50, the mixtapes are fire but this studio album is just on the same lane, nothing less, nothing more!
            Strong Tracks: “Trap House”, “Once in a While”, “Paranoid”, “I Told Em”
            Average Tracks: “Pop That”, “Freaks”, “Gifted”, “We Go Where Ever We Want”
            Weak Tracks:  “Fuck What Happens Tonight”
            Rating: out of