Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Nutso featuring CNN, Royal Flush and Tragedy Khadafi---Galaxy of Queens (Produced by SPK)
Nutso track featuring Capone and Noreaga, Royal Flush and Tragedy Khadafi "Galaxy of Queens" produced by SPKilla. Sick track repping Queens. Real shit!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Interview with Aperiod

Interview with APeriod
            The state of Massachusetts has been on the map in hip hop for many years from Guru of Gang Starr to Ed O.G and the Bulldogs. The hunger of central Massachusetts MC APeriod is shining light in Boston and around the tri-state area. The fiery lyrics of APeriod have made a name for himself putting Massachusetts on the map. I got with APeriod to discuss about his group Main Aim, his music and the state of hip hop in Massachusetts. 

1)            What’s good APeriod, how is everything going?
Maintaining right now chilling with my beautiful family, feeling blessed that so many people have taken notice of what I and my team are trying to do.

2)            Hailing from Massachusetts, is there a big hip hop scene?
Yeah Hip Hop is huge hear especially Underground Hip Hop, Boston holds down some great and talented artists that are allowing people like myself to walk in making good music.

3)            What made you decide to get into hip hop?
Hip Hop and I are kinda like brothers, we were raised with each other. Hip Hop is my older brother. He was there before me and taught me the ropes of life. My Father listened to Rakim, Kool G Rap, Kool Moe Dee, Ice T, Big Daddy Kane, and Sugarhill Records all the time especially cleaning the house. Then my mom was really into Disco, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, all the popular disco records were bumping when i was a child. My Uncle Jay lived with me and we had basement dance parties from before I could walk. So every type of hip hop was playing radio hits and all, but he would always slip in the Main Source, Tribe, De la soul, Gangstarr etc... That had me gassed and I’ve been a junky ever since. I spit my first freestyles early in my teens and bought a notebook the next day, and never looked back.

4)            Are other cities receptive to your music since you’re from Massachusetts?
Well you’re out in NY right!!! lol On a serious note, I’ve gotten love all over the country right now and overseas, people respect what I’m saying in my lyrics and I try my best to have great beat choice. If i did not produce it then it will be the cream of the crop from another cats beat tape. I also only use original beats for my tracks, so people hear something new when they play my records it’s an experience that I’m giving the listener not karaoke night. It’s a Universal thing to make good music its timeless so people from all walks of life and area codes have def. been responding.

5)            Has being an independent artist open doors for you such as having creative control of your music?
Well to tell you the truth I can’t say from the other side because I have yet to have constraints from a record label or producer who laid claim to my music through contract or anything like that. So I can’t speak much on the other side except what I might perceive it to be like. On that note I have full creative control because I make my own beats and write my own lyrics. So at the end of the day I do what I feel is GOOD music. That being said any doors that have opened for me i have been there with my own creative control making decisions and things have moved along well this year.

6)            Talk to us about Main Aim productions?
Main Aim was originally two guys A.P and Haze we started out together diggin for records and making pause button beat tapes, off of soul samples we jacked from Rza mostly in the beginning, slowly but surely we found our own samples and started writing tracks and came up with the name as a direction to stay on track and make the best music we could make and that’s been the target ever Since. Now we have used the name as an idea bigger then ourselves and added other talented cats into the mix; Juan C DJ and personality of Indie Corna at Nichols College, Nu Element Producer/emcee, E.S.P emcee, and Josh Bliss where do I begin with this cat? He is just an amazing talent, videographer, emcee, graphic artist, engineer he does it all and does it well. Watch out for him he’s definitely going places. Rounding off the MAIN AIM is DJ John Gotem amazing turntablist new style with old school feel, DJ at Flipside radio, and Ds401 on Musicfeen.com in providence, RI.

7)            You got a balance of soulful and hard beats. Who are your influences?
I like Dark Jazz, Spanish, Psychadelic, and Soul Records those are my go too. My Influences as a producer are, first and foremost Premier, after that ill rattle off a few i constantly jack from all respect due, 9th wonder, Evidence, Joey Chavez, Hi Tek, Alchemist, Madlib, Dilla, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Jake One, Buckwild, Kanye, Rza, Nottz, and too many more to say, there’s a lot of records in my collection I’ve taken influence from.

8)            What equipment do you use?
I use an MPC 1000, M audio midi keyboard, Mac Book Pro, Nu mark Portable and a lot of dope records that I have been diggin for my whole life. 

9)            Take us to an A-Period session!
When I’m recording I usually freak out an hour before and can’t find shit lol!! Then when I figure my shit out I grab my MPC and double check the beat if I produced the track myself. If I didn’t then it’s a lot easier and i check my writtens and ride out. I always grab an energy drink the biggest you got and water. If it is night time, the beers sometimes come out but mostly its work these days no time to act Hollywood just time to get some positive things done. I’m usually so amped up the first bars spike all the levels I’m just that kind of guy. Then I’ll pace behind the engineer and make sure everything is how I want it. I’m very particular and I always have an idea of what I want my records to sound like.

10)         Is there a difference between producing your own tracks and Main Aim’s?
There is not much difference, the fact is that I give myself beats that compliment me of course, but I give some of my best work to my peoples. I believe in them so they will get the cream of the crop as well. For the most part, I produce what I feel and these guys write only to what evokes the emotion from them. So it’s just an easy process.

11)         Is there an A-Period and/or Main Aim album in the works?
There is a lot of projects coming, First is an album out now by Josh Bliss called "Louisiana Born Hip Hop Raised". Def. Grab that at Nerdliving.com, Haze's new album is coming out and it’s amazing his first single is at 12k views on youtube and it’s been out only a few months amazing lyricist. His album is titled "The Difference" coming out soon.
My Debut full LP is coming out shortly and it’s a big deal for me. I’ve put everything I have into it. It’s titled "Carry The Torch" and people will understand when they hear my music what I mean. Featuring Mr. Green, Termanology, Edo G, El Da Sensei, Reks, Haze, Josh Bliss, Nu Element, Paranom, Leon Legacy, Louie gonz, Evil Dewer, Sicarii, Vorheez and Busted Fuse. The Main Aim will have an album it is currently in production and it will be like a superteam up, and will be ready shortly after these projects are released because we make a lot of the music when we get together and the vibe is there.

12)         Do you find that there is a supportive fan base in Massachusetts?
In Boston, most definitely there is, in central Mass where I live not so much. We have been desperately trying to build the culture, but unfortunately people are not willing to leave the comforts of popular music anytime soon. That is why we congregate in Boston mostly to get our point across to large amounts of like minded people. So instead we are out pushing and getting love in Jersey, Philly, and NY recently, so we def. are on the right track.

13)         If you can collaborate with any MC and/or producer, who would it be (independent or major)?
I’ll start with the MC's and give you a couple, Rakim, Evidence, Pharoe Monche, Phonte, Mos Def, Kanye, Jay Electronica, Lil Fame and probably a million more I’m a fan first. As far as Producers go, the list is in my influences you can read above.

14)         How did the concept for “The Bad Guy” featuring Termanology and Joey Barbieri came about?
Originally the track was just a beat that I made with the chorus and all. Then I was trying to reach out and shop out some beats I feel are top notch to get my name out and I mentioned to Joey that Term would sound perfect on it, and he agreed. I hit him up and played hi the beat and he was down right away. I pitched the topic to Term and He was with it. It was real easy. The track ended up being a late addition to Joey’s album out now. The remix will be on my album this time featuring APeriod, Termanology, and Edo G prod. by APeriod

15)         How was it working with Termanology?
To tell you the truth it was pretty dope and very easy. No ego involved he told me a few stories and schooled on a few things in the game. He even had a brand new video from "1982" with Statik Selektah debut while we were chilling in the studio. He shut all the lights off and we watched it on his laptop. We were actually the first cats to ever see it. I felt like I was in the right place.

16)         How would you describe your sound?
My sound is mix of so many dope legends I have absorbed knowledge from, I’m standing on their shoulders every time I make a beat or spit a bar. I would say I have some unmistakable late 90's feel to a lot of my music, but I also have some progressive touches to it. I really don’t set out to make a sound I just hear samples I like and or get inspired by what’s goin on and music is made. That being said I would still say Gangstarr records, Wu Tang, ABB records with Joey Chavez and Evidence and the whole Rawkus movement def. come out in my approach.

17)         Has being from Massachusetts influenced your music?
I would say to a certain degree yes I learned a lot from cats like DJ Shame out here in Mass doing it with L tha Headtoucha out of Worcester early on. The rest is from being a fan having OCD lol and being a sponge then taking the knowledge and applying it.

18)         Is hip hop really dead?
If you chill with me, it’s definitely not. Every time some dope drums are put to an ill rare sample and an emcee starts going in, the feeling is there. Hip Hop was made from nothing so its gonna be a tough one to kill. It doesn’t take much for us to make a cypher or a track happen if anything it’s only gotten more powerful and more accessible worldwide.

19)         You spit the reals on “Get That Money” and put your life story in it. Explain about peeps that want the same thing as you but don’t want to work for it?
That was a little message to a lot of people I see out here trying to do their thing but are more interested in chilling or whatever else. Rather than grinding, but then want to eat off your plate you been working hard to make ya dig!

20)         Sounds like an entitlement attitude to me!
I’ve never been or felt entitled I just work real hard for what I have. So it’s hard for me to give away things I work hard for too undeserving rappers. Some of these cats started rapping last year and want to shine next to me? I’m just not having it a lot of the time. They don’t give everything to the Music like I and my team do. A lot of rappers will run with any trend you put in front of them. Pop, Rock, Reggaeton etc.. They really don’t care about making a real movement and a brand.

21)         I’m impressed with your work ethic, how do you stay grounded while still being hungry in hip hop?
My family and wife keeps me grounded I have two beautiful babies at home and a wife so when I come back from conquering the stages I get humbled real quick hahaha.  The hunger always fuels back up and I hit the road to make things happen it’s a constant cycle that will probably never go away.

22)         What’s coming up for you?
Album out soon "Carry the Torch" mixtape out now called Heavyweight vol. 1 mixed by DJ John Gotem free dload www.facebook.com/aphiphop website coming out shortly. Tons of productions by me for my team MAIN AIM and the most talented cats in Mass and beyond. Show in Boston July 15th with the legendary Krumbsnatcha at the Church of Boston, along with more shows in the Boston area, New Jersey, Philly, Rhode island and more... stay tuned

23)         How peeps can get at your music?
Right now grab some tracks for free @ www.soundcloud.com/apofmainaim, check out some beats for sale @ www.soundclick.com/aperiodbeats, www.twitter.com/aperiodmusic, and you can find my very first project on itunes under A.P APdamicpro vol. zero and you can actually find it under my gov't  name Michael Arrastia def. worth checking out all original production. email me @ mainaim27@gmail.com with any ideas, beat submissions, and or artists who are ready to make good hip hop.
I also wanted to say thanks for the oppurtunity to speak my mind and thanks for your time much appreciated. Peace brother APeriod

Friday, June 22, 2012


Nas featuring Rick Ross----Accident Murder (Produced by NO I.D.)
NEW SHIT!!!! Nas featuring Rick Ross. NO I.D. gem called Accident Murder. 7/17/2012 is gonna be a problem with the Life is Good album. YESSSSSSS!

APeriod----Get The Money

APeriod----Get the Money (Produced by Greg Squires)
Worcester's APeriod dropping gems with his new joint "Get The Money" produced by Greg Squires. Look out for this cat, he's the truth!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kendrick Lamar-ADHD

Kendrick Lamar--ADHD (Produced by Sounwave)
Kendrick Lamar joint ADHD produced by Sounwave on his last year's independent album Section. 80. Video popping, show some love!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Willie Stubz

Interview with Willie Stubz
            Many legendary rappers represent Queens to the fullest. Willie Stubz is not a newjack to the game. The Corona Queens rapper came to the scene lacing up vocals on the Beatnuts albums and the classic single “Pimping Ain’t Easy” with Cuban Link. Willie has a rugged flow and stage presence that will catch anyone’s attention. With two albums already under his belt, He’s back with new music to hit some heads with. He’s a win-win prospect ready to explode in the industry.

1)            What’s good Willie Stubz, how’s it going?
Still breathing, feeling blessed for what I have.
2)            You’re not new to this, tell cats who you are and how you got started in the game?
I go by the name Willie Stubz. Started rapping since I was 13 just for fun with my cousin RIZ. I was introduced to SPK who was beginning his career as a producer. He was also from the same hood (Corona, Queens). We had good chemistry and made real NY hip hop songs. You can hear the best of the songs we made on "The Industry" album. I was then introduced to a man named Mel "Megadon" Gonzalez who signed me to PENTAGON ENTERTAINMENT. Mel was probably the most influential person. He believed in me and always supported me 100 percent. God bless the dead. I think it's easier if you Google Willie Stubz.

3)            You been in the game for a hot minute, how did you got hooked up with the Beatnuts?
The Beatnuts were from Corona but, they had already been out and I was a fan before I met them. One of my peoples was at the barber shop around the way and was playing a cassette of my songs. Ju Ju heard it and asked me if I could fly out with them to L.A. in a few hours. I said yes and met them at the airport headed to L.A. to perform.

4)            "Pimping Ain't Easy" was my joint, how was it working with Cuban Link?
Working with Cuban Link was real cool. It felt like we were just hanging in studio and next thing you know, "Pimpin Ain't Easy" is getting played all over the air waves.

5)            Would you sign with a major label?
I would sign with a major label if the deal is right.

6)            What the music business has taught you as an artist?
The music business has taught me as an artist that, you should never compromise what you believe in. As an artist you don't do this for money but, as a man you know you need money to survive.

7)            Your 1st album "The Industry" was a dope album and had a street buzz, was getting guest appearances difficult?
The Industry was my first album and I had so many songs to pick from it was difficult to choose the tracks. All of the features on the album are people that I knew and worked with. Everybody who featured did it without a problem.

8)            Queens is a hard hitting track. How the concept came about with Capone and Nature?
My man Ric Rude blazed that beat. I thought It would be a good track to flip for a Queens anthem to. We originally thought Nature and Royal Flush but, Flush couldn't make it and Capone killed it.

9)            Spkilla is one of my favorite producers. how was it working with him?
When I worked with SPK we had a real gully work ethic. When we were on the same page we were unstoppable.

10)         How did you get into production?
When I parted ways with SPK, I had to learn everything I could about recording myself on Protools and later making my own beats.

11)         Your sophomore album "Lead by Example" you produced a few tracks. Has producing your own tracks brought more creativity to your music?
Lead By Example should've been a mixtape. I had taught myself the basics about recording, producing & mixing without any help. I didn't want to keep my fans waiting for new music so, I dropped the album and I did everything down to the design and the art work. I like producing and making my own music but, I prefer to stick to doing one thing at a time.

12)         What's the difference between "The Industry" and "Lead by Example"?
The Industry was a team effort. One producer & One Rapper and about 100 songs to pick from. Lead By Example can't compare because, I literally did everything from teaching myself how to produce, record, mix and master and still have to spit on everything. It's hard work for 1 person that has to be at work in the morning.

13)         You have different hustles: CEO, performer, MC, producer, web designer and engineering. Has it worked to your advantage?
All my different hustles are things that I wish I had more time to do. They are have made me more independent. I don't need to click up with nobody to do what I do...

14)         Why do you think the East is not promoted hard enough like the South?
The East is like chick that everybody banged out. The south is like the younger chick that don't have that much mileage but, she's catching up fast.

15)         Take us to a Willie Stubz session?
A Willie Stubz session will definitely have you with the mad face on. We always come out of there with something Grizzly.

16)         What equipment do you use?
Right now I use Reason to make beats & Protools 9 to record and mix. Working with MAC.

17)         Who are your influences?
My influences are: My cousin Riz, The Beatnuts, DJ Muggs & Greg NICE, Cypress Hill, Kool G Rap, Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, RedMan, Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, Nas, 50 Cent, Gangstarr and many more...

18)         What's coming up for you?
I've been so delayed on this next project that, I have no excuses. I'm hoping to drop a new album featuring 2 new artists (MAJ & MaNiA SeVen) on PENTAGON / SMG. There's new beats from Psycho Les of The Beatnuts, Ric Rude, DYNO, LATE, scratches by DJ SKiZZ and some of my favorite beats.

19)         How can peeps get at your music?
Right now you can go to itunes.com or cdbaby.com to purchase any of the Willie Stubz albums available. Check out soundcloud.com/wstubz so you can download the latest music from Willie Stubz.

20  Any shout outs!
I want to shout out everybody I've been working with for these up and coming albums & EP's: DYNO, Psycho Les, MAJ, Mania Seven, DJ Skizz, Eddie Chase, Trez, Ric Rude, K-Rime, BAM, Late, UZeeK(France) and my dude Ty Jones for the interview.

If you haven’t been up on Willie Stubz, this is it. Go holla at Willie Stubz at

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ruc da Jackal

Ruc da Jackal aka Mr. QB---Doin It For The Thrills
New joint from Ruc da Jackal aka Mr. QB. Some real live shit! Get at this!

Meek Millz

Meek Millz featuring Gillie Da Kid and G.I. the General---Push Bricks (Produced by DJ Fonzy Xclusive)
Meek Millz 2011 joint featuring Gillie da Kid and G.I. the General "Push Bricks" produced by DJ Fonzy Xclusive. Street banger!!!!

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr.Dre---The Recipe (Produced by Scoop DeVillie)
New shit! Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. Dre the Recipe produced by Scoop Deville. Some hard hitting joint right here. Another banger!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

O.C. and Apollo Brown- The Biggest Loser

Apollo Brown and O.C.---The Biggest Loser (Produced by Apollo Brown)
Another Apollo Brown and OC joint "The Biggest Loser" get at this track. Straight dope track!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Young Buck

Young Buck----To All My Haters (Produced by A-One)

Young Buck new track To All My Haters on this A-One beat!

Large Professor

Large Professor----Kick the Habit (Produced by Large Professor

New shit from Large Professor with his self produced banger Kick the Habit. Sure listen, check it out!