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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks----Money Don't Matter (Produced by Beat Butcha)
Another banger by Lloyd Banks---Money Don't Matter produced by Beat Butcha from the V6 The Gift mixtape. The joint is straight fire. Go check this gem out. Mixtape is serious!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interview with L.I.F.E. Long

Interview with L.I.F.E. Long

1)            L.I.F.E. Long in the building, what’s going on my dude?
Peace fam nuff respect for reaching out! I'm maintaining blessed!
Grinding with this music and always looking to find new ways to connect with the listener!

2)            Break down the acronym L.I.F.E. and what it means to you?
L.I.F.E. is an acronym for Living in Full Effect basically the state I'm always in. I try and live my life to the fullest and I am definitely always in effect and effective in what i do! My full name L.I.F.E.LOng is that I will be here forever even when I'm gone there will be a written story of myself thru the music! Life is music and i am life!

3)            What separates your style from other artists?
I don't stay in a box with my music and I am not afraid to work with other artists. I think an artist looks too much at things that an artist should not worry about. Your job as an artist is to create! I try to create and not set any boundaries with my music. I also try and build with other artists instead of competing with other artists! I respect the culture and the art form!

4)            What are the advantages of being an underground independent artist?
The advantage of being independent is basically no one is telling me
what I can or can't do. I am my own boss! Which means I am able to control my fate rather then have some exec choose it for me!

5)            Your album Longevity 1.5 was on an indie label in Europe. Why chose that route over an indie label in the states?
I was blessed to get the opportunity to put out an album while touring, I had talks with other labels in the states but at the time I wanted to build relations outside of the U.S. The LP longevity Vol 1.5 actually also got picked up in the states and was distributed by
Koch records. It was definitely a learning experience!

6)            You’re a member of Stronghold with Immortal Technique, C-Rayz Walz, Poison Pen and Breez Evaflowing. How that group did come about?
Stronghold was an idea that Breez evahflowin had back in the mid 90's! Basically he had the idea of Strength in Numbers to penetrate the game! We all used to hang out at the same spots so it was pretty much meant to be. Breez sparked the idea and we all agreed that it was an idea that could help us all grow as artists! Shout out to the original 5! Breez, Poison Pen,Walz,Stelf Index!

7)            Compare the Waiting Game with Crossing the Globe?
The waiting Game LP i felt was more soulful and jazzy. While Crossing the Globe was that raw boom-bap 90's avant garde vibe.  Crossing the globe was actually recorded
before "The Waiting Game" because of the distance between myself and Big Ape
it took longer to release that record because me and Ape were not in the same country.

8)            You toured across the world. Many MC’s stated that they get more love from other countries but not the states. Any experiences with that.
I feel it depends on where you go. I have gotten love in certain states in the U.S. and have gotten that same love overseas as well. I feel like Overseas they have a different appreciation to the culture. It’s not really about a trend like how it is here in the states. Overseas they appreciate music not saying we don't over here it’s just a different vibe! Plus it’s a lot of love when you coming from the place that birthed hip-hop!

9)            How was it working with Black Sparx on the Waiting Game?
Great experience! I recorded that LP during a time when i had just lost my job so i had a lot to say on that record. I felt like Black Sparx gave me the soundtrack that i needed to paint the picture! Shout out to the Beat Conductor Black Sparx!

10)         What are your experiences working with producers overseas?
Good and Bad lol.... But mostly positive experiences, they go hard and they know their music and put their best down every time!

11)         Is there a difference between working with producers overseas and in the states?
Only difference is that there overseas and you’re not in the studio with them unless it’s a recording overseas. I think producers overseas are more humble and they definitely have a different fire then producers out here in the states. I am blessed to be working with some of the best producers from both parts of the world!

12)         How did you get up with Big Ape?
Cyberworld lol Myspace days. We kept the connection and he and I became friends when him and his wife would visit N.Y. We have a lot in common so we clicked instantly!

13)         You were on the Access Immortal’s album “American Me” How was it working with him and will we see future collaborations with him?
Access Immortal is an alumni from the NY underground, we were bound to colab together so when he approached me on doing songs, we made it happen! I haven't built with Access in a while but anything is possible if the right opportunity approaches! Shout out to Access!

14)         You spoke about the plight of people on the Undeniable track “Can’t believe that”. Do you think people can make positive transitions within their lives?
I definitely think that we choose our own destinies and we can turn negative into positive. I think people walking a negative path don't love or believe in themselves. I think if people really took time to understand themselves they would learn that they are the ones in control! We have to understand self first before we can heal ourselves!

15)         Not too many MC’s drop more than two verses on their tracks like they use to!
Yeah too many artists try to water themselves down and do things that they feel won't bore the listener. I feel like you should just go with the flow and with what the beat tells you to do! That's what Auxiliary Arms is doing. We are going 'with the flow of the music and trying 'to spark a movement!

16)         Talk to us about Auxiliary Arms.
Auxiliary Arms is myself and Masai Bey as front men of the crew! Alongside engineer/dj/producer Fredones and DJ.Jedi . Me and Masai have been fans of each other's music so it was Jah that brought the group together! We started off just recording a few songs and then decided to do the group project. The track A9 will be featured on 'our upcoming LP "Guardians of The Gate part 1"

17)         How the concept A9 did came about?
It features Yahzeed, Akbar, Nickelkillsmics, Mr.Cord and Citizen Kane produced by Tensho with cuts by Fredones. We wanted to incorporate our fam who we do music with so we of course had to have a posse cut on the LP! A9 is basically A for Armalitia which is what we call of our affiliates down with Auxiliary Arms, The number 9 represents everyone involved on the song because it is 9 of us!

18)         A9 video took it back to the 90’s with posse cuts. I miss those days.
We definitely have that avant garde sound of the golden era! Auxiliary Arms is basically the rebirth of that sound! 

19)         Talk to us about Auxiliary Arms upcoming album “Guardians of the Gate pt1”?
Guardians of The Gate Part 1is the Auxiliary Arms story of how we are holding down the gates to protect the palace which is Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is in a strange state right now so me and Masai felt it was our duty to hold it down for the ones who held it down for us! The LP touches everything from stop the violence, Gentrification, Corp Hop, Piracy, plus we got those jams for the heads who just want sick beats and ill word play!  Check us out on and on and the two vids and songs we got circulating Open Arms and A9.

20)         What’s your opinion on the state of hip hop?
It’s good and bad. I am happy that it’s still consistent. I just hate the fact that corporations run it, and what started off as something different with no boundaries and different genre's and sounds has now converted to an industry standard.

21)         Has corporations and mainstream dismantled the hip hop artform?
I believe so! I think we as the people also helped dismantle the culture because we put it in the hands of the mainstream and these corporations. Until we as artists start controlling our music and how it is being seen and heard, the mainstream and corporations will always have the upper hand. Lack of support to independent artists is the reason the sound is the way it is. There is still music out there that is tasteful and that represents the culture but there are not enough supporters bigging that music up! We as the people need to start getting more involved. We also need to start educating the kids more on music. It’s sad when you ask a teenager if they heard of Kool Herc or Grandmaster Flash and they say no. It starts with the community of Hip-hop, we need to take our music back to the streets!

22)         Do you think you can grab the attention of the youth especially the 90’s babies?
It all depends on how my music is marketed, If the youth is not hearing my music on the radio then it is a little bit harder to reach today’s teens. But what I can do is try and speak on things that they can relate too, I think it’s all about marketing though at the end of the day. Everyone records music but not everyone is being heard or seen. I think the more music I put out it will hopefully grab the attention of the youth, but it is definitely a struggle when you are not being marked like how these artists with huge budgets are.

23)         Many of the youth don’t show respect to the old G’s in hip hop like in other genres of music. Is it lack of knowledge, ignorance or both?
I think to be honest it is both! Lack of knowledge leads to ignorance! Like I stated before we need to teach the kids the music. If the kids are not exposed to the roots then they definitely will have lack of respect. Once again it is time for the golden era heads in the community to step up and start getting more involved!

24)         With six solo albums and many mixtapes and collabs, do you see yourself a veteran in the game?
I definitely am a veteran, I been putting out music for over a decade. It’s sad that people still consider me as a new artist at times though; this game is screwed up smh!

25)         What’s next for L.I.F.E. Long?
New solo LP dropping called "Visit's with the Medicine Man" produced by my dude Shamalex dope producer out of N.Y.C., another solo LP produced by Serbian producer "Kiza" I’m still recording it now. Auxiliary Arms LP Guardians of the Gate Part 1", mad colabo's dropping soon. I also have my own company Cocoon Movements where i will be releasing projects, i have two projects out now a compilation by a French producer aneeway jones called "By any beat's necessary" and also another compilation with various artists and producers called "From where they from,"

26)         Where heads can find you and get at your music?
I'm all over from i-tunes, to amazon, basically anywhere music is sold you can find some l.i.f.e.long! I got tons of videos on youtube too! google catch me on twitter and on Holla at me you can get the music directly from me autographed cut out the middle man! Nuff respect for the interview and peace to all the reader's and listeners out there!

Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Cent

50 Cent----My Crown (Produced by Focus)
New 50 cent My Crown produced by Focus. Get at this track. Straight butterz!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Verse Essential

Verse Essential-----Land of Opportunity
New shit! Verse Essential's Land of Opportunity from the only blog that gives you the realness. I know ya intrigued for this. Get at this!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Heavyweight vol.1 Mixed by DJ John Gotem
New mixtape from APeriod of Main Aim. Beantown's MC hitting ya with the mixtape, go check it out. Straight butter music!

Interview with Dayz da Empora

Interview with Dayz da Empora
Brooklyn is always on their hustle all day. Many icons touched the mic from Brooklyn leave people remembering their names. From Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie to Boot Camp Click, they rep their borough to the fullest. Bed Stuy’s Dayz Da Empora is no exception. Dayz has been making a name for himself on Brown Bag Thursdays and on the second Empire Nation mix cd. A smooth swag with street persona, Dayz commands the crowd with his elite stage presence and witty wordplay. With an anticipated album “When the Music Stops” in the works and a popping mixtape already under his belt, the last member of Empire Nation speaks his mind about the album and the music.

1)            Dayz Da Empora is definitely in the building, state where you rest ya head at?
Bed-stuy Brooklyn

2)            How you get the name Dayz da Empora?
As a youngin i got the name Dayz because when i would freestyle battle i wouldn’t stop i could go on for Dayz, the Empora part came later as i started to build a solid    foundation for my Empire.

3)            The mixtape Destine for Greatness is popping, what’s the meaning behind the title?
Destine For Greatness came from me believing i served a more significant purpose in life. My parents taught me never to settle.

4)            How important is chemistry?
Chemistry is very important; it’s what makes things vibrant and undeniable. As long as there is chemistry all will work well.

5)            How did you hook up with Empire Nation?
I hooked up with Empire Nation through an artist and good friend J.D Nero.

6)            I first met you at Brown Bag Thursdays and you have great stage presence. How important is stage presence and getting the crowd’s attention?
I love this question; stage presence is what separates the goods from the greats and the greats from the legends. You can have dope music, but with no stage presence the crowd would lose interest very quickly. With that being said how are you going to sell out arenas and stay relevant.

7)            Is there a difference between working on your solo projects and with Empire Nation?
As a solo artist when I’m working on my projects I’m in complete control, so i can take it any direction i chose. Verse's working with a crew such a Empire Nation where there are a number of MC's with different styles visions and opinions.

8)            Tell the world about the album “When the Music Stops?”
When The Music Stop is definitely a game changer! The title alone raises many eyebrows. Just imagine if today you’re bumpin your favorite song and tomorrow everything is obsolete. No whistling tunes snapping fingers NOTHING. The whole world just goes rhythm less. 

9)            Who are the producers and guest appearances on the album?
Since i took a lot of risk on this project i branched out to a variety of different producers, such as CFN Bills Da Mastermind, MistaKaz, Gemz and a minimum number of artists. 

10)         Do you think hip hop is dead or it is still alive and well?
I have to say Hip Hop is alive and well it’s just evolving and branching off in different directions.

11)         Take us to a typical Dayz Da Empora rhyming session?
Once in the studio i transition into one take jake. One take jake is a name i gave myself for being so lyrically prepared that i would run through most songs in one take.

12)         Why do you think the south is dominating music?
It’s a different flavor for example the beats, flows, accents and concepts are entertainments.

13)         Do you think NYC cats become lazy regarding promoting their music and trying to get that buzz?
No. I don't think they're lazy; it’s just so many artists and not enough support.

14)         Has Brown Bag Thursdays gave you more exposure as an artist?
Being that they gave me the opportunity to perform, yes. 

15)         On the mixtape, “All My Life” is a hard hitting track! You spoke about overcoming adversities in your life. How does adversity and struggle motivate you as an artist and in general?
It motivates me to try to be the best artist, father, and man I can be. I refuse to give up and I always persevere.

16)         How was it working with Mic Blaque?
It was kool working with Mic Blaque, we were in a group called the Griots so the chemistry was already there.

17)         What else can we expect from you? What’s next?
Nonstop progress and continuing to grow! The second project is already in the works, the ideas never stop. 

18)         How peeps can get at your music?