Friday, November 29, 2013

Interview with Alter Beats

Overseas artists put in twice the work in order to get recognized. They get much respect in the hip hop game whether it’s rapping, producing or any participation to the art form. France’s Alter Beats have come a long way. With the impressive debut album The French Revolution Alter Beats has made a name for himself. Now with the sophomore album Class Struggle out and is well received by fans, Alter Beats talks about the production side of the game, both albums and his outtake on hip hop.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): What’s going on my dude? I’m a little confused on this. Let me get this straight: Alter Prod is a production company and you’re Alter Beats or is Alter Beats is an alter ego?
Alter Beats: You’re right. ALTERPROD is a production company composed by 3 guys. Max is the Graphic Designer, Ben aka Bobby Six Killer is the Videographer and I am the Beatmaker, Tim aka Alterbeats.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Okay, finally I got that out the way…lol. Tell us about Alter Prod and how did you guys got started?
Alter Beats: It started in Paris few years ago, don’t remember when exactly! Lol. We began to work from our side graphically with guys like Army of the Pharaohs or Snowgoons and musically with Block Mc Cloud and lot of MCs. We’re focused on US underground Hip-Hop but the French market was nearer than you so we decided to do a Studio in Paris in 2008. Here was born THE FRENCH REVOLUTION project after 2 prequel EPS dropped with Halfabrick called REVOLUTIONARY TACTICS part.1 and 2. Then we made some travels to NYC to connect directly to people with whom we wished to work. And after a BIG Party this June in Brooklyn with Tragedy Khadafi, Rockness Monstah, Blaq Poet and many more legendary MCs, we came with this 2nd Album called CLASS STRUGGLE.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued):The album title Class Struggle has a lot of meanings. What’s your meaning of the title Class Struggle and how does it applies to hip hop?
Alter Beats: Sometimes, people think this title has a political meaning because of our Name (ALTER) and the name of the 1st project (The French Revolution), but as the 1st one, CLASS STRUGGLE is about our warfare in this Game as French independents who never give up and grustle hard to reach our purposes.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Class Struggle has 18 tracks with well-rounded emcees on the project. Was getting guest appearances on the Class Struggle difficult?
Alter Beats: It was easier than the 1st project because we built strong relationship with a lot of people in the US who know we’re serious and we drop our shit as it have to go out.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): What are your favorite joints on the Class Struggle album?
Alter Beats: It’s very hard to answer to this question but if I have to choose I’ll say FRUIT PUNCH with Guilty Simpson and Rockness Monstah, BRASS KNUCKLES with Halfabrick and IDOL with Bekay.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Since this is your second opus, tell us the difference between French Revolution and Class Struggle?
Alter Beats: The French Revolution took a lot of time to do. It was hard for us to bring people to this project because nobody known us. That’s why this project is more like a compilation with a lot of different styles of beats and a lot of 16 bars. Then Class Struggle is more like a whole project which contains the Alterprod spirit since the release of the 1st project.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Take us on a journey of an Alter Beats beat. What is your arsenal weapons of equipment on an Alter Beats production beat?
Alter Beats: First I love to do beats in the morning that’s my favorite moment to create, add some coffee and a box of cigarettes and we can start! I used to work with the MPC 2500 but I am now working with Mashine. Mashine is really dope I feel really free on it and the software is really an easy way to create new beats! After that I go to my logic software and add a bass line and some synths then I edit the beat on logic too. That’s basically the way I do it add some synth plug and it’s done!

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): On the production tip, do you mostly sample, play out through instruments or a little bit of both?
Alter Beats: I always use samples; that’s what I love the most! I grow up with the 90’s hip-hop so I can’t imagine a dope beat without a dope sample! If I feel it, I add some synths on it because on some beats it sound dope to me to add some synths but always with a dope sample!

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Do you have any issues with sample clearances when producing a beat?
Alter Beats: No fam! I am just an underground cat so nobody gives a fuck about my sample clearances. I guess it’s a good thing that I can do whatever I want! Lol !

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Have you ever wanted to do an album with only one artist?
Alter Beats: This is the goal of Alterprod. Drop producer albums in collaboration with one artist now that we proved we can work with lot of different styles. We already got projects with Bekay, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skeezo and one with all the alter unit on the way. Stay tuned…

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): What do you think is the pros and cons of constructing a production album with a multitude of artists?
Alter Beats: (Smile)! When you got a multitude of artists you just ask them to do a verse or a track so it’s easier for them. But as soon as you want to do a whole project with an artist you have to find a motivated guy…and it’s rare! LMAO’

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Producers have a hard schedule. What are the most frustrating aspects of being a producer?
Alter Beats: I will say the rappers loooool because sometimes you wait so long to do tracks with rappers that are crazy!!!! We should have done 10 projects already but a lot of rappers are really slow to write and record but it doesn’t matter because we actually working with serious people so I guess we will not wait too long anymore!

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): What do you look for in an artist that made you decide to work with him or her?
Alter Beats: Sometimes, you are brought to work with legendary MCs that you listen to when you’re a kid so it’s dope. But the thing we’re looking for is motivation and implication except any artistic consideration which we can have for many artists in this game.

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Do you think oversea producers have it harder to network with artists in the states?
Alter Beats: Sure because of the language barrier first and because of the fact that we ain’t on the spot where everything moves; in the studio sessions, on air, in parties etc…The only contact we have with artists in the US is Internet and phone with artists that became our friends then. But yeah it’s hard!

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): What’s next for Alter Beats for the future?
Alter Beats: We never want to announce anything before everything is done and ready to be dropped. This indie environment is hard so there’s always setbacks, problems etc… The only thing I can say is we work on projects with our AlterUnit members as Bekay, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skeezo and more… and to stay tuned! Lol’

Ty DJC Jones (Intrigued): Any artist that wants to do work with you or check your music, how can they hook up with you and keep in touch?
Alter Beats: You got the Official ALTERPROD ( website where you’ll be redirected to our Graphic, Music and Video contents. We are always on Facebook (, Twitter (@ALTERPROD7) and Instagram (alterprod7alterbeats).
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Cormega featuring Raekwon--------Honorable
QB's Cormega is back with this awesome track getting an assist from Shaolin's Raekwon on this instrumental Honorable.

Sheff La------Unsigned Hype (Video)

Sheff La------Unsigned Hype (Video)
Sheff La always put out consistent music. QB in the building with Sheff La putting out the awesome visuals to Unsigned Hype as he spits on the Eric B and Rakim Microphone Fiend instrumental.

Elzhi---------Can't Stop

Elzhi---------Can't Stop
Former Slum Village member Elzhi releases the track Can't Lose following from the first single Pressure.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ransom--------Murdah Music

Ransom featuring Hitch--------Murdah Music
The powerful duo of Ransom and Hitch hits us with this fire track Murdah Music produced by MVP.

A-Plus and Aagee--------Time to Let Go

A-Plus and Aagee--------Time to Let Go
Oakland's prolific producers A-Plus from Souls of Mischief tag teams with his brother Aagee on this awesome track for the club heads titled Time to Let Go. The self produced track got that nice Mary J. sample on the chorus, perfect after hour club scenes video. They got a project out called Molly's Dirty Water dropping January 2014.

PHZ-Sicks--------Coming Down (Official Video)

PHZ-Sicks featuring TFox--------Coming Down (Official Video)
PHZ-Sicks releases the visuals to his joint Coming Down featuring TFox produced by Best Kept Secret from the forthcoming album The Moment dropping in December.

Fess Gotchu-----Soul Swag

Fess Gotchu-----Soul Swag
Philly's Fess Gotchu releases this hot joint produced by Belgium's Toma Beats called Soul Swag.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tommy Spitz--------Help Me

Tommy Spitz featuring Starang Wondah--------Help Me
Toronto's Tommy Spitz gets an assist from Duck Down's OGC Gun Clappa number one Starang Wondah for his latest joint Help Me produced by Shy Juelz

OBX------Make It

OBX------Make It
Texas rapper OBX got this hot joint produced by Virgina's producer Nottz on this cut titled Make It.

Blaq Poet------Mean and Dirty

Blaq Poet featuring Tragedy Khadafi and Celph Titled------Mean and Dirty
DJ Vanderslice went ham on this production for Blaq Poet with the title Mean and Dirty featuring QB's hood mate Tragedy Khadafi and Celph Titled. This track will be from Blaq Poet's antticpated album Blaq Death.


J-Bux featuring Milano-----Indio
Scrape the Plate's general J-Bux is putting in work for New Jersey. He unveils the new visuals to Indio featuring Milano from the Bronx who has done work with Big Pun and D.I.T.C. J-Bux has a mixtape coming soon hosted by DJ Khaled.


Endemic featuring Darkim be Allah and Supreme-----Cardinal
Producer Endemic puts out another banger from his album Terminal Illness Vol 2. dropping in December. This is Cardinal featuring Darkim be Allah and Supreme

Thunny Brown------Face of God

Thunny Brown------Face of God
Brownsville Brooklyn's Thunny Brown releases his new visuals to Face of God produced by Stay Real.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ceazar featuring Fred da Godson--------Showtime
Brooklyn's Ceazar put the visuals to the joint featuring Fred Da Godson titled Showtime produced by G.U.N. productions from the album Render The Throne. Go cop that on datpiff.

Juxx Diamondz--------All My Friendz

Juxx Diamondz featuring Da Villinz--------All My Friendz
Brownsville Brooklyn's emcee Juxx Diamondz release his single featuring Sean Price's artist Da Villinz titled All My Friendz. Dope and catchy hook, peep it.

Thruway-----Finger Smoke Freestyle

Thruway-----Finger Smoke Freestyle
Corona Queens Thruway unveils his dope version of the Finger Smoke Freestyle over the Beatnuts instrumentation. Thruway will release his project #11368 slated soon.

Tek Bully-----Psycho Path

Tek Bully featuring GS Advance and Eff Yoo-----Psycho Path
Tek Bully unveils this hard body in ya face joint featuring Broken Home members GS Advance and Eff Yoo Psycho Path produced by Ghettoblaster. Tek Bully will be dropping Bully Shyt in December.


Milwaukee's Klassik got this fly joint out right now called Boogie, self produced from the Jackson 5 sample "Blame it on the Boogie". His first single will be on his forthcoming album YRP (Young Raising Phenom).

Monday, November 25, 2013

Busta Rhymes-------Thank You (Offical Video)

Busta Rhymes featuring Q-Tip, Kanye West and Lil Wayne-------Thank You (Offical Video)
Busta Rhymes is doing something very serious here. Bus-a-Bus put the visuals to the self produced track Thank You featuring Q-Tip, Kanye West and Lil Wayne from the anticipated forthcoming album Extinction Level Event 2.

International Maverick--------Dreem Katcher

International Maverick--------Dreem Katcher
International Maverick gets it in with consistent work. Here is the title track Dreem Katcher from International Maverick, self produced and directed by Tommy Smalls from the well anticipated album Dreem Katcher.

J.Manifesto-----Vicariously Through Memories

J.ManifestO-Vicariously Through Memories---(2013)
Artist: J.Manifesto
Album: Vicariously Through Memories
Label: Independent
Producers: Client Partie, The Stuyvesants, Weirddough, Vanilla, Six, Fate, Thelonious Martin 
Queens J.Manifesto has been putting out heat for a while with one track after another. He shows versatility and shows no quit with his energy. The lyrical delivery of J.Manifesto will keep the listeners on their toes. As peeps can see, he is not a new cat. His debut mixtape dropped in 2012 received great reviews from the music blogs and many fans. Now the Queens rapper J.Manifesto unveils his debut project Vicariously Through Memories.
            Going straight through the project places a memory bubble on the listener’s head. This album goes through a nostalgic view through memory lane. J.Manifesto picks the beats well to match his lyrical cadence. Starting with the smooth jazzy beat to Carry On where the lyrics match the beat quite well. The tracks paint a perfect picture of reminiscing the good ole days with tracks such as the soulful piano infused Last Days of Summer, the laid back track Take Over The World and the high energized G.B.I.T.W. (The Greatest Bodegas In The World). Although the instrumentation of beats varies, it sticks to the album title. It works wonders on one of the highlight tracks produced by the Stuyvesants The NV. The few tracks at the ending closes this project on the right note with that authentic Queens vibe to Dreams and the inspired living track Live Life and Love It.
            Throughout the fourteen tracks, this debut opus Vicariously Through Memories fits the narrative of meaningful music with various subject matter of lyrical skill and nostalgic storytelling music. The impressive part of the album is the versatility of J.Manfiesto; he is not afraid to step out of the box in order to become creative without overdoing it. The producers came through greatly to complement his style. This is a cohesive album in which J.Manfiesto has the lyrical potential. A minor misstep is a couple of tracks are too long which causes some musical fatigue to the listener. However, this is not a big dent to the project as the consistently is still there. This is a recommendable project.
           Strong Tracks: “Carry On”, “Last Day of Summer”, “Take Over The World”, “G.B.I.T.W.”, “The NV”, “Dream”, “Live Life and Love It”
            Rating: out of
Go peep the J.Manifesto album Vicariously Through Memories on Bandcamp