Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sean Price-Mic Tyson

Artist: Sean Price
Album: Mic Tyson
Label: Duck Down
Producers: Alchemist, Evidence, DJ Babu, Stu Bangers, Beat Butcha, 9th Wonder, Khyrsis, Wool, Amp, Eric G.
Duck Down’s swinger Sean Price has been the consistent MC from the camp to put out joints after joints. Fans have been waiting for this album for five years after his first two stellar albums “Monkey Bars” and “Jesus Price Superstar”. One half of Heltah Skeltah under the alias Ruck, part of the super group Boot Camp Clik and one third of Random Axe, Sean Price once again comes out swinging with the highly anticipated album “Mic Tyson”.
            Mic Tyson is s heavy hitting boxing fight album with every punch hitting the opponent in every part of his body. The tracks are buzzing from start to finish. The Alchemist track “Genesis of the Omega” is a perfect way to start off the album. Tracks like “Bar-Barian” and “Pyrex” show Sean Price’s superior delivery wordplay. Producer Amp brings out the grittier side of Sean Price with DJ scratches making this track one of the highlight tracks. Sean Price enlightens the track with the boastful street rhyme: whole lot of shots followed/after I bust your snot box with a Ciroc bottle or when he plays his opponents shamelessly: when I’m talking, the streets listen/when you’re talking, the streets dissin. Of course Sean Price solo tracks are a gem in itself, no doubt about it. The guest appearances also hold it down for this album as well. Label mate and head of boot camp Buckshot blessed the mic on “Frankenberry” while Pharaohe Monch provides the hook on the Evidence produced “BBQ Sauce”. Also, Pumpkinhead showed love on the track “Battering Bars”.
            Throughout the whole album, there are no weak tracks from the Brownsville’s solider from Saratoga Ave. This is an album of solid production and sharp witty word flow. Straight body blows from every album equal the first round knockout. It’s a straight classic album and one of the best albums of the year.
            Strong Tracks: “Pyrex”, “Bar-Barian”, “Frankenberry”, “BBQ Sauce”, “Hush”
            Weak Tracks: None
            Rating:out of

Interview with Ray West

Interview with Ray West
1)            What it is my dude? You’ve been considered an underrated producer in the hip hop game. Do you normally keep a low profile?
Peace my brother. I do keep a low pro. I'm not into the limelight thing. I keep a small circle and focus on the music

2)            Your name ring bells in the industry. For all the new hip hop heads, what can you tell them about producer Ray West?
i was born & raised in the Bx , started DJing at 12 years old, was addicted to hip hop since I heard Roxanne by UTFO. I spent years in the basement DJing and making beats for the love. It's the everyday format.

3)            Who are your musical influences when you were coming up?
I was influenced by red alert, kid kapri, DITC, premo....later on by J Dilla ... To me J Dilla was a big inspiration.

4)            Who was the first artist you produced?
Abdul Jabar was the first artist I really produced. He has appeared on some of our releases on redapples.

5)            Describe your production process. Take us to a Ray West beat.
My style is sample driving. I always go diggin for records. In the lab I'll be listening to jazz records from the 70s for inspiration. I have different samplers and synth that I use for different approaches.

6)            What equipment are you working with?
I use an Mpc 60 , 1000 & 2000.
I also use a Moog synth and a lot of live drums.
I use live hand instruments as well, like shakers & tambourines etc.

7)            You produced the entire “Luv NY” compilation album. What was the main focus of doing this album and how was it working with five veteran emcees in one project?
It was great experience for real. All those artists I have admired in my life so it was a true gift for me, especially Kool Keith. I always followed his music so it was real special.

8)            The “Luv NY” compilation album reminded me of the D&D all-stars project in the 90’s with veteran MC’s from five different boroughs. What made you decided to go that route?
It's funny cause people bring up d & d All-stars and I didn't realize that when I was going threw it but in retrospect I see it. LUVNY came from a similar place as D&D all-stars cause all the MCs are the artists I've been blessed to work with in the red apples lab. We were able to make collabs happen that haven't been done before. It’s like a trip through my eyes in the studio that me and Ag work out of.

9)            A hip hop fan picks up the LUV NY compilation album. What does this fan expect from the Luv NY album?
Grown music! Veteran lyrics over jazz beats!

10)         What do you think about veteran rappers coming back into the game? Do you think they have what it takes or they should age gracefully?
I think everyone has a place. As long as music is in you it has to come out.... Jazz artists play they whole life without? I feel hip hop is similar. They may have a different crowd with a different ear but still relevant, lyrically, probably sharper too. Hip hop is still young and all our pioneers are still with us for the most part . We got a long way to go.

11)         Not too many fans especially new fans are receptive to veteran rappers unless they are Nas or Jay-Z.
The younger generations are sometimes a victim of marketing. They are spoon fed a lot. There isn't much searching and discovering going on. It doesn't take away from the music they listen to but there is so much quality hip hop music out that isn't broadcasted so widely.

12)         You did numerous tracks with A.G. from Show and A.G. what is the working chemistry is like with A.G.?
AG is an amazing artist, he can do so much. The chemistry is free and tries to bring different things out of him.

13)         You also worked with Party Arty who passed away in 2008. What was it about Party Arty that made you decide to work with him?
AG introduced me to party arty. He was a great dude and it's real sad he isn't with us physically. He had a great ear and was real supportive to me and my style. We clicked right away. I have more of party arty music to come.

14)         Talk to us about red apples 45.
Red apples 45 label was founded by myself, AG & Abdul Jabar. We wanted to put out vinyls and other projects on our own at our pace.

15)         Any artist that catches your ear you’d like to work with in the future (indie and/or mainstream).
I would like to work with smoke DZA, strong arm steady $ Freddie Gibbs .. Also Mos def

16)         What do you look for in an artist before you decide to work with him?
Soul and love the culture

17)         What are the future plans for Ray West?
To keep putting out music from the heart. Preserve the vinyl & DJ culture.

18)         Will we see a Ray West production album in the works?
I have some things in the works. Me an OC are finishing up an LP. We have some more vinyls coming with some great artists. Also AG , John Robinson and myself have an LP we are finishing ...

19)         Where headz can check for you for music?

20)         It was a pleasuring interview you and thanks for taking time from your busy schedule.
Thanks so much my bro. I appreciate you taking the time and having interest In what I do... If there is anything you need from me in the future I’m here.