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Interview with J-Bux

Interview with J-Bux
New Jersey is home of the many diverse talents in the borough. The name J-Bux rings a bell for many hip hop heads. He has a list of artists he worked with such as Verse Essential, Mike Delorean, Blitz, G.O.D. father part 3 to name a few. J-Bux is not new to the hip hop game as he an emcee, producer and owner of scrape the plate records which he came up with. Intrigued gets the chance to speak to J-Bux about his come up in the game, his work with Queensbridge emcees, his future projects, New Jersey artists we need to look out for and investing his craft to get positive results in the hip hop game. Check out this interview on the jump!

1)            What it is joining me is New Jeruz J-Bux; he’s definitely in the building. What you been up to these days?
Just grindin’ my G…Keepin’ the movement movin’!

2)            Tell the fans about J-Bux, what made you started this route and say to yourself music is my calling and I’m gonna rep this hard body?
Comin’ up listening to a lot of good music inspired me to start writing....I started makin’ music for myself and it all just came naturally to me….  Then I began to build on my talent and skills in the studio and things just got better and began to grow especially when I started investing in recording equipment and studied the applications and the basics of commercial rap production.

3)            Who were your musical influences that made you decide that you want to do this?
Notorious BIG, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Dipset, Kool G Rap, Just to name a few.

4)            New Jersey in my opinion has a lot of hip hop history involved from Naughty by Nature, Redman, Artifacts to name a few. Who from New Jersey we have to look out for?
Definitely check out J-BUX, COMPLEX STREET SHARKZ VOL 1 - OUT NOW, Ransom, Young Zee, HOM, Young Tef Kimball IRS....

5)            You were represented as New Jersey’s unsigned hype on thisis50.com. That must be a good look!
Yeah, that was definitely a good look…My video for the song (Gangsta) with cameo from Wacka Flacka was featured on there. Shout outs to this is 50 N the blogs that’s lookin’ out for J-Bux.

6)            You worked with a lot of Queensbridge heads, shout out to my dudes, what is it like working with them cats?
I definitely came up listening to a lot of Queensbridge music so it was dope to work with a lot of the QB MC’s that I came up listening to.

7)            You did a joint with Mike Delorean called “NJ 2 QB”. How that track came about and what is it like working with Mike Delorean?
I reached out to Mike Delorean in the days of myspace and he came out to my studio in N.J. and we made some classic tracks including N.J. TO Q.B....We also did the video the same day. I learned a lot from workin’ with Mike Delorean, he’s like family.

8)            You were on the battlefield track from the Artform Rejects album. What is it like working with Verse Essential?
Whenever Verse and I come together we come out with amazing material. We have a new track ft. Jason Gorey coming out soon. I dig working with him, he’s a true professional.

9)            You got a new CD/DVD joint coming out. What fans are expecting from the new project?
Fans can expect an album that’ll definitely fill a void that needs to be filled. Plus a DVD packed with videos, interviews and you might just see me with some of today’s most relevant artists.

10)          Any guest appearances on the album we need to look for and who’s producing the tracks on the album?
There are several standout guest appearances on the album. One to definitely look out for is “Wolverine” ft. Godfather Pt.3 and Blitz… Producers on the album are myself, Superstylez, Don P. and Numberz beats.

11)         The coke stories joints are hot to def. what do fans expect from J-Bux the artist?
Fans can expect authentic street hip-hop and a CD/DVD that’s worth watching for years to come. STRAIGHT CLASSIC JOINTS!

12)         What are the advantages of becoming a MC/producer?
The one big advantage to me is I can create original beats that are geared toward my style. There are certain beats that talk to me more than others....Only select producers possess the ability to create these kinds of beats.

13)         You also produced your own joints. Do you find it easier to rhyme over your own beats?
It’s not necessarily easier but it definitely helps. When I am laying down a beat, the rhymes go hand in hand with it in the creative process.

14)         Tell us about scrape the plate records and how come you went under the indie route?
Scrape the plate records is a label my brother complex (RIP) and I put together when we were about 16 years old... After a while it became a known name in the NJ/NY hip-hop scene. I’d rather build my own label and not have to split any profits with a record company. I can do all the things a small company label can offer like videos, beats, and promo etc…for an independent label, scrape the plate is industry standard in all categories. After getting my degree in commercial music production, it was only natural for me to go the independent route.

15)         You an MC, producer, videographer. What else do you do? You are putting in that work, grinding extra hard.
Additionally, I engineer, ghost write, give beat lessons, record guitarists, play bass drums and other instruments around their riffs, come up with hooks for singers, do artist promotion, set up live gigs and I also work behind the scenes for several rap videos for source magazine with oye media.

16)         Stage presence is a key issue of being a rapper. What is J-Bux on stage like?
J BUX on stage definitely can give a big boost to an ordinary hip hop show. I always get great responses when I perform live because I know the selection of material that I perform fits the moment and time.

17)         Any artists on the come up that you’re feeling right now and any artists that you haven’t worked with yet that you would like to collaborate on?
Yeah definitely! Lloyd Banks, Gucci Mane, Prodigy, Jim Jones, 50 Cent…There’s a lot of artists I’d like to collab with- one that really stands out would be Meek Mill; I like what he is bringing to the game.

18)         You advised new artists on the come up on one of the interviews that don’t afraid of spending money on your craft. I concur because music is an investment and the rewards will definitely pay off.
Yeah definitely, a lot of artist aren’t creative anymore, whether it’s their artwork, beat selection, etc.... I like artists that you can tell their projects weren’t just thrown together. Whenever I invest time in scrape the plate records, I benefit 100 percent when you drop cash on yourself as an artist and on getting your project done right, it’s like you’re investing in yourself. Aside from having talent, an independent artist has to have some cash to make things happen.

19)         It’s a pleasure interviewing you J-Bux, where can headz get at you for music or collabs?
Thanks, it was a pleasure answering your questions my G. Headz can reach me at stpoyemusic@aol.com and my website scrape the plate records.com is getting redone and it’ll be up and going really soon with all my music, videos and studio information. Coke Stories Pt1 & Street Sharkz Series 1 are out now on ITUNES, Amazon, AND CD baby, COP THAT!!!!!

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