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Interview with UDrop

Interview with UDrop

From Columbus Ohio is rap group UDrop who puts out quality music constantly. They have been doing shows in the local Ohio area and have opened up for Pusha T and MGK. UDrop comes through with Intrigued as they discussed their album “Race 2 Replace NASA”, their latest video “Skyline” how they got started in the game and their musical expectations for 2013 and the future.

1)            Yo, what it is? I got ya on this. Joining me and Intrigued hails from Columbus Ohio is the group UDrop. Tell us who’s in the group.
The group is made up of O-Mitch and teuro. But our supportive team is made up of many more including our producer Jae "ruby" Posten. Shout$ out to the UDrop Money Team!

2)            So how you guys got started?
We had a lot of mutual friends who insisted we needed to work together for years. We went to the same college and started to collab, even being in a band together for a short stint. A year after graduation we started exchanging ideals on where we thought hip hop should be going, and the ideal of UDrop was created.

3)            How did you guys come up with the name UDrop?
Honestly I can't even tell you, it just stuck.

4)            Your album “Race 2 Replace NASA” came about. What can fans expect from the album?
High quality music! We put our all into the making of R2RN, and it has a distinct feel because of it. It’s truly a good record from start to finish, what more can one ask for?

5)            The beats on the album have a mixed blend of production sounds of hip hop and electronic influenced. What made decide you guys to switch up the pace on the album?
We felt like it was just natural progression, and it added depth to our sound. But if you listen to our first project, we experimented with electronic influences on "Read The News". I would say to definitely expect more of this sort of experimenting in 2013.

6)            You also had an EP out “B.O.M.B.” What does it stands for and has your music evolved between your EP and your debut album?
B.O.M.B's stands for Brilliance Over Monumental Beats. That project was our introduction as a duo to our respective fans from our solo acts. Race2ReplaceNasa was intended to be our intro to listeners in Ohio, so I definitely believe we've evolved since its release. Our cohesion as a duo is more obvious on R2RN, and we really pushed each other in the writing aspect.

7)            How do you get your music to the ears outside of Ohio?
That's the challenge we're currently facing! We as a group, attend a number of the bigger US music festivals. We've come to understand there is a new niche of music enthusiasts that is never specifically catered to. So look out for us at the fests!
O-Mitch has also spent a stint in Chicago trying to get a better feel for buzzing regional acts. We're looking to collab with artists from outside of Ohio, and networking heavily (Shouts out to Intrigued). Ultimately we feel our next slew of projects will speak for themselves, and garner attention through its creativity. Be on the lookout!

8)            Who are your musical influences and how do they play a role on your music process?
We're some true music enthusiasts in UDrop, we have a very wide spectrum of influences. From Jay-Z/Kanye to the Flaming Lips, Outkast to Little Dragon, Kendrick Lamar to Saint Vincent, Kid Cudi & Big Sean,  Flying Lotus and even Frank Sinatra. Exactly how they play a role in how we create varies by song. Sometimes it’s a song concept, sometimes it’s the delivery and sometimes it's the beat or rhyme scheme. The one role that's always a constant of our influences, is as the bar setters of our live performances. If we can't give you a better/more high energy show than the best, we don't deserve anyone’s attention.

9)            You have a video out called “Skyline” talk to us about the video
It was a lot of fun to make, shoutouts to Benny Boom! With R2RN intended to be our intro to Ohio, Skyline was the perfect visual for it. It was shot in downtown Columbus, Ohio...if you haven't seen it, go check it out now!

10)         Any other videos you got coming out on the album.  
4sure, we have videos coming soon for Ohioan Girl and All Eyes On look out for those. We also have heard a lot of demand for a Big Blk Girl video, so we may have to make that happen asap!

11)         You guys actually opened up for MGK and Pusha T at the Ohio University Halloween Concert. How that came about and what was it like opening up for them?
teruo is a student at Ohio U and won a very difficult contest for us to open. It was an awesome experience to say the least; the crowd was definitely feeling us. Pusha T was extremely cool and we got to talk to him for a minute...MGK was also cool, really reserved. Which was crazy because he's really wild on stage, they actually ended up shutting down the show because he got THAT wild! All-in-all, it was both a humbling and motivating experience.

12)         Any artists or producers you haven’t worked with you would like to work with?
Artists-Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, King Chip, Big Boi, Childish Gambino, MGK, Janelle Monae, Asher Roth, Chuck English and Blueprint.
Producers-Flying Lotus, Rashaad (of elevator music), Mimosa, Alchemist, Childish Gambino, Madlib, Jazzy Phae, Hudson Mohawk and Wolfgang Gartner.

13)         What do the fans expect from UDrop for 2013?
For us to be active nationally and become a name associated with great music. There are some artists that aren't the biggest names at the moment, but get a nod because it’s known that their music is consistently great. Janelle Monae, Yelawolf and Asher Roth are perfect examples: artists you may not be a fan of yet, but reward you with great music when you give it a chance.

14)         What advice would you give indie artists on the music business and taking their craft to the next level?
I would tell all Indie artists that life is truly what you make it, so make the most of it all! If you’re playing shows in front of 5 people, those 5 fans are the some greatest people to grace the earth for supporting you. Treat them that way, and watch 5 turn to 20, 20 turn to 50 and so on. Don't give up, enjoy the ride, and endure with a smile!

15)         Definitely a pleasure interviewing you, before wrapping the interview, give peeps info on they can get a hold of your music?
Race2ReplaceNasa can be found at:
Also please follow us on twitter- @udropbombs
Like us on facebook-
And subscribe to our youtube channel: UDroptv
Much Love!

Check out the new video from Ohio’s group UDrop called “Skyline”. 

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